How To Grow A Kiwi From Seed

How To Grow A Kiwi From Seed

One of my favorite fruits to eat is kiwi and has an amazing taste and you can make some really healthy recipes using them such as desserts and salads. They are also very fast growing vines that will climb just about anything and best of all they are super rich in vitamin C. To top it all off Kiwi plants have a life expectancy of around 50 years which is absolutely amazing! So enough about the fruit itself lets down to business here is How To Grow A Kiwi From Seed.

First of all here is what you are going to need:
Paper towel
Potting soil
Clear plastic container

Directions :
1. Start off by removing seeds from a Kiwi fruit.
2. Put all the kiwi seeds as well as some water in small blender to start to separate membrane from seeds allowing you to handle the seeds seperate.
3. Get out your container and start washing the seeds in your sink.
4. Wet down your paper towel and place the seeds on this wet paper towel and place this into a plastic ziploc bag.
5. Put the ziploc with the seeds and wet paper towel in a warm spot.
6. Periodically monitor your seeds to see when they have sprouted and make sure the paper towel stays wet at all times.
7. Rip the paper towel into smaller pieces and plant a couple of the seedlings that are stuck and sprouting into a small pot of potting soil.
8. Keep in a warm area and sunlight and water as required.
9. Enjoy!

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