How to Guide – Grow Tulips In a Vase

How to Guide - Grow Tulips In a Vase

Tulips are always great to have! They are a perfect perennial for any garden with their super bright colors. So instead of having to buy them from the store all the time why not try out this neat nifty trick of How To Grow Tulips in a vase! Yes you get to start decorating your rooms with vases of tulips.

1. Pick a glass vase that you like that is clear enough that you can see what you are doing and add some pebbles or marbles to fill up around a thrid of the vase.
2. Add your favorite color tulip bulb and make sure it is pointed end up on the top of the pebbles or marbles that you added. Make sure you cover the bulb that you just placed inside with some more pebbles or marbles in order to help give the root some growing support.
3. Pour in some fresh water into your vase. Make sure that water doesn’t touch the bulb but it should be very very close which will ensure that the roots grow in.
4. And that’s it you are all done. Make sure you enjoy the fragrance and beauty of your tulips in a vase!

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